About me:  Born and raised in Maui, Hawaii, the cultural backdrop and wealth of natural resources, around which my culinary inclinations emerged, influenced and benefited me greatly.  From Hawaiian, to Filipino, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Fijian, and many others, along with my own family’s culinary traditions rooted in Italian, Polish, and vegan/vegetarian cultures, my influences as a cook are quite diverse.  How lucky I was to grow up eating tofu burgers, homemade almond milk, garden fresh pesto, mulberry pies, and pot beans, along with poi, kimchee, lomi lomi salmon, mochi, pancit, and our neighbor’s fresh baked Portuguese sweet bread.

Starting with an easy-bake oven (which I cherished), eagerly awaiting my light-bulb-cooked cakes and cookies, I soon convinced my mom to permit me use of the real oven.  I would stay home on weekends, and my parents would return to find the entire kitchen strewn with hand made pasta, drying on the backs of all the chairs and cabinet doors.  I have always loved to cook.  It soothes me, brings me joy, challenges me and rewards me.  Luckily, I also love to eat and to feed others – it is my cancerian nature I think, plus my Italian roots – I must feed anyone who steps foot in my house.

Now, by day, I am a policy analyst for the federal government, but by night, I am a kitchen maven, whipping up new creations or making something out of nothing (it’s hard to get to the grocery store in DC!).  After a long week of work, the kitchen is the most relaxing place I could be.

About this site: Each page gives an introduction to the topic at hand, why I’ve choses to include it, and probably some story about a recent cooking or eating adventure.  I wll also list the title of each post on that topic.  You can see all the posts related to each topic by selecting the category on the sidebar.


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