Braised Rabbit with Chard, Cabbage and Roast Potatoes

Braised Rabbit with vegetables

I butchered my first bunny! They had rabbit for sale at the farmer’s market, and getting it whole is much cheaper. Thanks to some online blogs about rabbit butchering, I was able to prep the meat properly. I decided to do a long braise in a red wine, smoked tomato and rabbit stock mixture. It was amazing.

Rabbit Stock

After cutting up the rabbit into all its usable parts, I browned the bones and set the stock to simmer with carrots, onions, garlic, red wine and herbs. Then, I dredged the meaty pieces in seasoned flour and browned them on all sides.

rabbit browning in pan

For the braising process, I arranged the browned meat in a casserole with sprigs of rosemary and then layered on smoked tomatoes and the stock I had been simmering.

Browned rabbit in a white casserole with rosemary sprigs

I braised the rabbit for about 2 hours in a 350 F oven. The meat was so tender and flavorful. I can’t wait to try more rabbit preparations. In restaurants, they often feature the back legs, since there is the most meat and they look pretty on the plate. My favorite cut was actually the smaller front legs, because the meat was darker and juicier, kind of like a giant chicken wing.

Rabbit braised with tomatoes

I served this with some roasted potatoes and sauteed chard and cabbage.

Roasted potatoes

We were lucky enough to have this view during an amazing dinner!

Rabbit, potatoes and chard on a white plate with mountains in the background


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