Duck egg omelette with bacon, cheddar and tomato-basil salad (aka dinner at 9:30pm)

Sometimes you get home from an event where you thought there would be food but there wasn’t and it’s 9pm and you’re tired but too hungry to just go directly to bed. Breakfast for dinner is a pretty good solution in this situation. I won’t lie, if I had had some cold cereal on hand, I might have just had that. Instead, I made an omelette.

I wasn’t going to blog about this omelette, after all, it was nothing fancy, but then I thought that it was a good example of simple food being so satisfying. And that everything that comes out of my kitchen is not food-magazine-ready.

I was lucky enough to have some duck eggs from the farmer’s market on hand (if you haven’t had them, they are delicious – larger than chicken eggs and “eggy-er” in my opinion. The whites are whiter and firmer, the yolks are denser). I beat two eggs with some salt and pepper and a dash of whole milk (to lighten the texture) and poured into a non-stick skillet over medium heat.

Once the eggs had begun to set, I scattered diced white cheddar (I was not going to be grating cheese while hangry at 9pm), chopped chives and some chopped, pre-cooked bacon over the top. (Pro-tip: always cook all of your bacon at once if you are able. It takes just as long to cook two strips as it does to cook a whole batch.I turned the heat to low while I prepped my “vegetable” of the evening.

I seeded and diced a medium tomato and tossed (right there on the cutting board) with some sea salt and pepper. A quick chiffonade (long, thin strips) of basil from my garden, and that was done. I thought about putting the tomato salad into the omelette, but I think that it makes the whole thing too juicy, and I prefer raw tomatoes.

I folded the nearly set omelette in half and slid it onto a plate, garnishing with the tomato salad. Start to finish less than 20 minutes, and (at that point) the best omelette ever.

Duck egg omelette and tomato basil salad


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