Epic Sorbet

That’s what I’ve been told anyways. I continued my trend of frozen treats this weekend, adding blackberry-lemon froyo and a roasted plum-peach-apple sorbet.
I read that adding pectin to your sorbet improves the mouthfeel and keeps it from melting too fast. So I chopped the apples without coring, and left the pits in the stone fruits to extract as much natural pectin as possible. I stewed all the fruits for a long while and then pressed the mash through a strainer before freezing in the ice cream maker. The texture was fantastic! It took on a lot more air than usual and had quite a velvety texture. I am a fan, and my friends say it’s “epic.”

Here is the blackberry-lemon when it was just yo – not fro yet:

Here is the blackberry froyo and peach sorbet, a great combo – like eating two slices of pie a la mode!

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