Desperate Kale Cabbage Soup

I included “desperate” in the title, because that is how I felt when I made this soup. My fridge was quite bare (we had been out of town and missed our CSA share!), and I was starving. I started sauteing some onions in a little olive oil, knowing something would come together.

– 1 large onion, diced
– 1 head of cabbage (green or red) diced
– 1 bunch of kale, chopped into bite sized pieces
– 4-5 cloves garlic, minced
– 4 cups stock and some water if needed
– 1 teaspoon dill
– 3 eggs, lightly beaten (optional)
– salt and pepper to taste

After sauteing the onions for several minutes (however long it took me to dice the cabbage), add in the cabbage (all on super high heat, given that I was starving, and to promote caramelization of the veggies). Add in the kale and garlic and saute until wilted. Pour in stock and extra water to cover the veggies. Let the whole thing simmer for about 5 minutes (or longer if you are not in a rush) and add in the dill and stir in the eggs. I added eggs to give the soup some richness and protein, but it is optional. You could also add beans, meat, hot peppers or a million other things you find around in your kitchen. Season with salt and pepper and serve!

It’s not glorious, but it’s good and filling and cheap – and it fed me for 5 days, so I can’t complain 🙂 I suspect that with some crusty garlic or cornbread on a cold winter day, it could be sublime.


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