Giving Thanks for Foodies!

It’s kind of like my birthday, but instead of celebrating me, we celebrate what I love to do – cook! Many holidays are focused around food, but you gotta love a holiday that has food as a number 1 priority. (ok, so I’m supposed to say something about family and tradition, and giving thanks, but really folks, we take naps after this meal, it is epic and overwhelming and glorious. I should also mention the suspect origins of the holiday and the hokey re-written history we were fed as grade-schoolers).

This year, I have some friends and family coming into town, and I am giddy with the excitement of having this captive audience for a few days….this means menu planning not just for “the big day” but for breakfasts and snacks and cocktails (and leftovers of course). I have begun scheming, especially since we have a few allergies and a vegetarian to consider. I am basically going pure vegetarian (ok, I may make something with bacon in it, just to satisfy my sous chef), because I think it will be interesting and a challenge and just as delicious in the end.

So far, I’ve got my eye on making some butternut squash latkes, a wild mushroom lasagna, and some traditional sides like mashed potatoes, corn pudding, stuffing, green beans with a warm vinnaigrette, and whatever the farm share offers up in the next few weeks. I’d like to do a salad course this year, and potentially a first course as well, as a method of slowing everyone down and letting ourselves enjoy each component more fully, but we’ll see how I feel as the date nears….maybe i’ll just aim for an early lunch salad course, a mid afternoon 1st course and then an early evening dinner. We usually take a walk to get out of the house and make room for dessert. I was thinking of doing this fancy layer cake, but with all the other dishes, it is seeming less and less likely. I did see a great recipe for croissant-caramel bread pudding that seemed super easy and kind of amazing looking. Other ideas? Any recipes that you are dying to make for this year?


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