Tomato Water (and probably my last “tomato” post of the season)

Several exciting projects this week, the first involving 30lbs of tomatoes. We got a “bulk order” of tomatoes from our farm share this week, and of course my first step was to slow-roast them all and freeze most of them for a mid-winter taste of summer. The simple recipe (if you can call it that) is below. While I am seeding the first dozen tomatoes, I think about how wasteful it is to be sending all this juicy tomato goodness down the drain. Then I realize that it’s my chance to make “tomato water,” which I’ve always wanted to try. I set a strainer over a bowl and continue my coring, slicing, seeding process over that, catching all of the lovely tomato essence while keeping out the seeds.

At the end of it, I had 4 cookie sheets full of tomatoes ready for the low-temp oven, and about 4 cups of tomato water – which isn’t quite like juice – no pulp or thickness like canned tomato juice, and all of the freshness of a summer tomato. I mixed in some cracked black pepper, grated horseradish, hot sauce, and a dash of worchestershire, then strained it again to maintain the clear, smooth texture. A pour of belvedere, and I dare say, this was the best bloody mary I’ve ever had (by far, no joke, and I love bloody marys). I usually add lemon and lime juice, but the tomato water was so fresh and tangy, it wasn’t needed. My sous chef claimed it was actually the ONLY bloody mary that he has ever liked – so two fairly strong recommendations there. The tomato water was out of this world……

As for the roasted tomatoes, you can see the instructions for those on an earlier post. Enjoy, before it’s too late!

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