Excuses, excuses (and summer fun)

Ok, so I realize that at some point I have to stop making excuses for why it takes me so long to post stuff. I may have to own up to being a lazy blogger.

At any rate, I have exciting news – our CSA farm share (from dragonfly farms) has begun! It has been so much fun to get the weekly box of fruits and veggies. Although a little on the sparse side so far, I am hoping that the share will plump up as summer hits full swing.

Some treats have been: rhubarb (I’ve made jam and two crumbles so far), radishes (used for salads, crudites, and a radish raita with yogurt and green onions), and garlic chives (still waiting to be cooked).

There have been some recent camping/beach trips, and I have taken to making homemade ginger ale on the regular. It is so good, especially if you like a more spicy and less sweet version. Just grate a few ounces of ginger and mix with sugar (about a cup) and water (about 7.5 cups). Boil, cover, turn of the heat, and let brew for an hour. Strain into a 2 liter plastic bottle, add about 1/2 a lemon – taste and add more sugar or ginger if you think it needs it. I also add cinnamon for a holiday-ish flavor. Add a pinch of yeast and put the cap on. Leave it out for 2 days or so, and it carbonates itself! Keep in the fridge after that, letting the pressure out every once in a while. Great in a dark and stormy (with dark rum) or with any alcohol really, or just by itself.

Speaking of summer drinks, I had an accidental moment of glory by blending a bunch of so-so watermelon into a drink with a ton of fresh ginger, a few fresh lemons, and some sugar. I added some italian lemon soda at the end, and it was a huge hit. (I also spiked it with vodka, but it was good both ways). I think this may be my signature cocktail for my upcoming three oh.

Giving thanks for warm weather and a good excuse to drink fruity cocktails!

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