Update #2 – DC Nacho Adventures: Part I, Wonderland Ballroom

Well, I went back. Can’t say I blame me, it is across the street from me, owned by some very nice people, and one of the favorite hangouts of our good friend/neighbors. Plus, I heard that the nachos had been updated. Apparently, you can request either “nacho cheese” (gooey neon orange sauce) or regular cheese. The chili has been permanently (at least for now) changed to a “meatier” veggie version with TVP (texturized vegetable protein) in it. I like the texture, but would like it to be more tomato-y.

That said, my prior comments stand about size, though with my “new year’s resolution,” I guess I shouldn’t be complaining about a smaller serving of fried chips and cheese…..

All told, the Wonderland nachos are back in my favor 🙂


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