Kale and…..

Sunday afternoon cooking for the week. Wasn’t super excited about getting started, but I stayed motivated by talking with my mom on the phone while I chopped and washed the veggies.

Kale was real cheap at the grocery store yesterday – and they did that thing again with the stems, letting you snap them off and toss them right there, so a huge huge bag of them was $1.27! I had to add them in three additions to my big stock pot, they cooked down to about a half pot full.

A little olive oil, some onions, garlic and salt was all I added, because I knew I wanted to do different things with them.

I took half out and stuck it in the fridge for black bean sauce tofu later this week. I’ll probably throw some into the inevitable turkey soup that is coming our way as well.

The rest I kept in the pot for tonight’s dinner. I added some cooked brown rice pasta (which I think I like better than regular pasta – unless it is freshly homemade), chopped feta, black beans, and white wine vinegar – plus red chili flakes of course. The feta kind of melted for a cheesey sauce, and it was actually pretty good. If my pantry was better stocked, I’d have chosen a different bean to add – maybe chick peas or cannelini?

I am excited to be eating this for lunches this week, plus it makes me feel like I am being super healthy, all those greens and all.


One thought on “Kale and…..

  1. I’d go with a white bean here — cannelini, navy, northern white — maybe they are all really the same but named differently? I like the idea of cooking the feta until it melts….yum. I always think of feta as a crumble on top condiment. And it is super healthy. Greens rule!

    What brand of brown rice pasta? Susan is gluten-free girl now, just completed 1 year, and we’re always looking for good products. –GG

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