Sighs…..unbuttons pants

This was the post-T-day-dinner reaction. Many happy, full bellies…and for me, lots of ideas on what I’d do differently and which recipes I’ll make again.

The fresh corn pudding was easily my favorite, and something I’ll make again (as long as I can get good corn). I used 5 ears of corn, kernels cut off, cob scraped with the back of my chef’s knife to get all the juice. I sweat an onion and a rib of celery in some butter, added a couple dashes of cayenne pepper, a few grates of nutmeg, salt and pepper. I mixed this into the corn, added 2 eggs and about a cup of cream (of course it was going to be good with all that cream!).

I baked this mixture in a glass bread pan for about an hour (a flatter pan would have been better – and faster – but they were all used up). The top was browned and the middle was custardy – pure heaven.

The brussels sprouts were also a keeper – though I have lots of ways I like to make them, so this one will not rotate in very often (especially because it involved a pound of bacon). I crisped the bacon, then crisped some onion slices in the bacon fat. Then I halved, or quartered, the sprouts – depending on size – and seared them in the drippings, letting them get quite dark before turning. Since the pan was very hot, they stayed crisp – a must. A pinch of red chili flakes, salt, pepper and a dash of white wine vinegar, and they were done. Topped with the bacon and onions, I had a few “brussels sprout converts” at dinner.

I would make the stuffing again, but without the cornbread. I really just enjoy the regular bready kind of stuffing. I’d also make pies next time – crumbles are good, but I do love pie.

Any good/bad t-day stories out there? Now to plan for christmas!


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