Giving thanks

So, I know that today is officially thanksgiving, but since I’m not hosting dinner until tomorrow, I have some time to reflect. (don’t get me wrong, I did spend all morning in the kitchen, but now I am relaxing before heading to a friend’s house and awaiting the arrival of my weekend guests….oh, and of course the annual turkey gobbling phone calls….both disturbing and heart warming….and gut-bustingly funny).

Being in a new city has made me quite thankful for all my friends and neighbors in my old home. Familiar faces have been a rarity in my new neighborhood, but they are increasing each day. Since I cannot spend my days pining for the people and places in my previous homes, I will use today to reflect on the things about DC that make me thankful.

I cannot ignore that the treats waiting to be unleashed for tomorrow’s celebration definitely make me thankful, and of course my lovely partner who has helped me cook and clean all week (and all the time!). I am also thankful for our great neighbors who lend a ladder or a ride to work when it’s pouring, and have introduced us to nearly everyone they know within a 10 mile radius. Just last night, I got to meet another neighbor who brews his own hard apple cider – the most incredible stuff! Quite dry and complex and slightly effervescent, not fake-jolly-rancher-apple flavor like the bottled stuff I’ve had. With a touch of my pumpkin spice liqueur mixed in, it was apple pie in a glass.

I am thankful for free movies and art and music and all the people in DC who make that happen. I love that I can go sit at a café and watch a documentary about modern day paper folders (between the folds, check it out on pbs – amazing!), or see a local group of free-style artists break it down on the sidewalk outside our apartment.

I am thankful to all the people that, despite the ease with which each of us can criticize and analyze our government’s failings, are actually getting off their butts and doing something about the challenges our country is facing. The energy and commitment to progress and justice is inspiring.

And yet, my heart still aches for the warm hugs and smiles of my friends “back home” (in the many homes I’ve had). Much love and thanks to you all, new and old friends, family, and special places I carry in my heart.


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