Gobble, gobble (that’s my plan anyways)

I love thanksgiving – I realize that it has suspicious origins, but I like to focus on the fact that it has basically become a holiday about food and family. I think most holidays are about that (at least in my house) but this one is very specific about it. Also, my dad answers the phone all day (no matter who calls) with his – very lifelike – turkey gobble.

(as a side note, my own lifelike gobble rivals his, but I do not answer the phone with it, so he wins)

I have some family and friends coming over to share in the festivities, so I need to feed them well of course. I was thinking of trying out some new recipes (I usually do classic chestnut-herb stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, etc). Any ideas out there for “wow” type dishes to suprise folks with on TG?


One thought on “Gobble, gobble (that’s my plan anyways)

  1. gobble gobble…i answered the phone when bill clintons secretary called when you won the eco award, on t-giving day…it stopped me for a second or two, then i asked her what kind of women was calling on TG and not cooking…we laughed…

    glad you didn’t give my secret red sauce recipe away…what you shared will still be wonderful…

    waiting for the apple pie to come out of the oven …the pumpkin pies came GOOD


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