Party Time…..Excellent

Wow, I never knew my apartment could hold so many people! Amazing friends, amazing food, amazing drinks….it was a great party last night. The spiced Guiness (using my homeade pumpkin liqueur) was a hit. Hard cider brought by a friend was also a good mixer for the liqueur. The mulled wine ended up being very tasty, and now I know that my crock pot will just hold 4 bottles of wine, plus flavorings etc.

I decided to keep the thai curry pumpkin soup in the rice cooker on “keep warm” instead of on the stove to avoid having live flames going. Seemed like a bad combo with a packed house. People seemed to love the soup, though it was only half gone by the end of the night….I wonder if it was just a bit too spicy?

The clear winner of the night was the blue cheese mac-n-cheese. People were raging about how good it was, interrupting conversations to go get second helpings, and asking for the recipe (or making me swear to make it for them again). Of course I was able to point them all to my blog for the recipe 🙂

The bread puddings came out pretty well, though they took much longer in the oven than I would have guessed. I prefer the apple-spice version, but chocolate-lovers swore by the chocolate espresso version I made.

Some old friends stopped by near the end of the party, so we got to spend a quieter, relaxing end of the evening with them, catching up.

My fabulous partner donned my apron and cleaned up the tornado of cups, spoons, and sticky spots while the 4 of us chatted – he’s so amazing! He also woke me this morning with bread pudding and a warm latte!

It was a great feeling to connect with new and old friends, and of course get a chance to feed them (being a core part of my Cancerian nature). Instead of feeling tired from the week’s efforts, I am reinvigorated and looking forward to spending more time with all the fascinating and lovely people in my life!

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