Roasted Butternut Squash with Brown Rice and Basil

Fall flavors have been inspiring me, and having the oven going makes the house more cozy, so I am roasting, baking, broiling, more these days. Butternut squash was on sale – a perfect fall treat.

I peeled and diced the squash and tossed it with some olive oil, cinnamon, garam masala, sage, salt, pepper, white wine vinegar and a dash of sugar. Into the oven at 450 for 40 minutes, turning once, it came out crispy and golden and amazing.

I could have eaten it just like that, but I decided to make a salad of sorts, mixing it with brown rice, chopped basil, and some shredded romano cheese.

I ended up putting some of it into a quesadilla and eating it with a pile of kimchi (latest batch is ready, and amazing). The sweet, salty, sour, spicy mix was fantastic. I am sure I’ll be packing the rest of it up for lunches this week, and I am looking forward to it!


2 thoughts on “Roasted Butternut Squash with Brown Rice and Basil

  1. haha… your flavor combinations sound like mine: “I’mma eat these scrambled eggs with wasabi, sauerkraut, and beets, and then I’m going to put it all into a roll, batter and deep-fry it.” no offense intended at all (because, as I said, I’m similarly odd about combinations), but the butternut salad/kimchi quesadilla’s not an immediately intuitive combination. it sounds pretty delicious, though. =)

  2. I’ve been in to sweet stuff in quesadillas lately- I did a sweet potato puree, feta, grilled chicken (marinated in cilantro mojo) quesadilla, topped with romesco sauce…..and everything is good with kimchi i think 🙂

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