DC Nacho Adventures: Part II, Regional Food and Drink (RFD)

Regional Food and Drink
810 7th St. NW
These nachos are impressive. Huge is a good word to describe them. Realistically, it’s enough for 4 people to share, but we’re talking about me here….so of course my partner and I polished them off ourselves (almost).

I’ll begin with their weaknesses, so that I may then wax poetic on their strengths. First, the chips – they were clearly of the bagged variety, not house made and not particularly good. Second, the beef chili (I don’t think they have a vegetarian option, but I will ask next time) was predictable – lots of grisly bits to contend with, but the flavor was generally fine. If you could sub out the beef chili for veggie or even just beans, these nachos would be a very fierce competitor, despite the chips.

As for strengths, did I mention these were huge? For normal humans, this is more nacho than you could ever eat – even for me, it was a lot. The toppings just kept going – chili, Monterey and cheddar cheese, pico, jalapenos, shredded lettuce, and sour cream. These were all piled high, more than enough to last to the bottom of the pile of chips. In this respect, these are what nachos are meant to be – abundant and overindulgent – no fighting over the tiny dollop of sour cream or the sparse jalapenos. More than enough for everyone. The quantity makes the price more than reasonable. I have contemplated bringing in my own chips….but I wonder if that would be insulting and also whether they would give me a discount or not….

Either way, these are still in the running. Although flavor-wise, I still like Wonderland better, the variety of toppings on RFD nachos is appealing. Given that I could eat two orders of Wonderland nachos ($17 bucks on nachos! Yeah right), while I could not dream of finishing even one order of RFD nachos (alone), I think RFD has the edge.


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